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Occupational Medical Care Services

Work Injury Treatment & Management

Early recognition, evaluation, and treatment of injuries not only help to keep a healthy and productive workforce, but also save time and money for the employer. Our goal is to evaluate and treat your injured workers in a way that not only optimizes their function and comfort, but also reduces their time away from work. Being located close to your work place and having experienced physicians and specialists available, we often eliminate the need for your injured worker to have to go to an Emergency Room or to their Primary Doctor; which can be more costly and complicated. Our services include:

  • Timely and aggressive treatment of work related injuries and on the job illnesses
  • Physician's first report of injury, interim, and final reports
  • Work status reports and/or telephone calls to employers with each employee visit
  • Automatic fax/e-mail of work status after each visit
  • Post-accident drug screening and Breath & Alcohol Testing (DOT and non-DOT)
  • Aggressive early return to work and modified work program
  • Sensitive to OSHA & ACOEM Guidelines
  • Provide First-Aid evaluation and treatment
  • Provide post-injury vaccinations
  • In-house physical therapy and work conditioning services, which allow early return to function and work

Pre-Employment Physical Exam

We conduct general, as well as specialized pre-employment examinations to obtain history of pre-existing disabilities and conditions; establish baseline health status; and to ensure proper job placement in order to reduce work injury exposure. As part of our Pre-Employment Physicals, we offer:

  • PEP- Post Offer/ Pre-Placement Physical
  • DOT/DMV- Department of Transportation Physicals
  • Return to Work Evaluation
  • Fit for Duty Evaluation
  • PFT- Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Audiometric or Hearing Testing

Drug Screening

We pride ourselves on assisting employers to develop and maintain a Drug Free Work Environment. It is imperative for an employer to administer a fundamentally and legally sound policy for drug and alcohol testing. It is important, too, to be properly trained in order to administer these sensitive programs. We are committed to provide instant in-house screening while providing affordable and timely results. As part of our program we provide:

  • Pre-employment, Post-Offer, Post-Accident, Random Testing, Return to Duty & Follow-Up
  • Breath (BAT) or Saliva Alcohol Testing
  • NIDA/ Non-NIDA Drug Screens
  • DOT -Department of Transportation Required Screen
  • Instant In-House Screening
  • MRO- Certified Medical Review Officer Service
  • Hair Sample Testing

Instant In-House Drug & Alcohol Testing

We offer FDA approved drug and alcohol testing for the following substances and/or their metabolites:

  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Phencyclidine (PCP, Angel Dust)
  • Opiates (Oxycodone, Codeine, Morphine, Heroin)
  • Barbiturates
  • Benzodiazepines (Valium)
  • Propoxyphene (Darvocet)
  • MDMA (Ecstasy)

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary Function Testing is used to access lung function performed on a device called a Spirometer. This procedure is a noninvasive process best for common diagnostics. We recommend Spirometry testing because it may reflect early changes in the lungs, prior to the onset of any symptoms. This would allow for earlier intervention and treatment of potential medical problems. This would benefit individuals who would potentially be exposed to hazardous airborne toxins to better monitor changes over time and to treat abnormalities before they become significant. Spirometry is required on all of the following exams:

  • Respiratory Fitness Testing
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Firefighter as a Baseline & Yearly Test

Audiometric or Hearing Testing

Occupational hearing loss is one of the leading causes of work-related disorders! Certified audiometric technicians can evaluate high-risk employees for abnormal audiograms or abnormal shift, which can warn employers of pending hearing injury and loss.

Special Occupational Care Services & Programs

  • Executive and Annual Physical Examination
  • Medical Case Management Services
  • Assist with Compliance Regarding the Americans with Disability Act
  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Programs
  • OSHA Required Post Contamination Body Fluid Exposure Protocols
  • Work Site Ergonomic Evaluation
  • Back to School Examination
  • Flu Shot Administered In-House and On-Site
  • MRO- Medical Review Services
  • Fit for Duty Evaluations
  • Return to Work Evaluations
  • Post Offer Physical Examinations

Medical Case Management-MCM

We recognize that employers seek the value in the services that we or any other vendors provide. Therefore, we are constantly striving to deliver the best service at the lowest cost. We do this by not only offering competitive pricing, but more importantly by offering an added service of Medical Case management, at no additional cost! MCM includes reviewing your most complicated and costly cases with the employer and insurance carrier on a frequent basis. This allows us to plan the most effective and efficient course of treatment; ultimately helping to close these costly claims.

Injury Prevention and Education

We provide a specialized team of physicians and therapists who are trained to identify risk factors in the work environment, evaluate, consult, educate, and intervene to:

  • Identify work site risk factors
  • Minimize the incidence and severity of injuries
  • Lower overall cost associated with work related injuries
  • Maximize employee safety and productivity

We work closely with the employer to develop special programs to encourage employee wellness and safety. We do this by offering wellness education lectures, functional capacity evaluations, job site injury prevention, and ergonomics consultations. We also participate in local health fairs' offer various types of free screenings.

Qualified Medical Evaluation

Medical provider(s) who are certified by the California Division of Worker's Compensation Medical Unit can examine injured workers to evaluate disability and write medical-legal reports. These reports can be used to determine an injured worker's eligibility for worker's compensation benefits. We provide the following evaluations:

  • QME- Qualified Medical Evaluation
  • AOE-CEO Evaluation